Caste based Reservation (Guest Post)

Caste based reservation is a double edged sword that is now unfortunately doing more damage than any good to Indian system. Although originally it was really needed to neutralize the ill effects of decades of tradition of untouchability and caste based discrimination but now it’s outliving its utility. As rightly put by Jacques Santer, “A quota is always something artificial that can only last for a certain period of time”. And as any expired item that is harmful for use, it’s damaging the health of the country in terms of education and job opportunities for the common people, particularly the youth. 

Caste based discrimination is one of the most inhuman act that had been practiced in the country till recent history. Coincidently, poverty was almost a synonym with the disadvantaged. Any policy that discourages such act was the need of the hour to stop such reprehensible practices. Furthermore, policies like caste based reservation was needed for a defined period of time to not only nullify but also to compensate for the injustice done in the past. Fortunately it served its purpose not only in terms of counterbalancing the social inequality but also in redressing the problem. Although we must admit that it has not been completely eradicated for there are still being practiced at some pockets of the country. Hopefully they will be taken care off and integrated into the mainstream soon by constant effort of our government.

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