My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 34

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“ How does awareness has got anything to do with our actions? What is the relationship between the awareness and doing?” I asked little impatiently. “When we are aware, it is impossible to do any wrong. ...any sin. It is like big daddy keeping an eye on the child or teacher minding the students in class. Child may be involved with some mischief or students may be making noise in the class but as soon as they are watched, they will not do any mischief or make noise. They simply start behaving properly. And as awareness becomes stronger, you cease to create any pain for yourself or others. You simply can’t sin when you are aware. ” ‘It’s alright not to do any wrong or commit any sin when we are aware but what awareness has got to do with our own self?” I again pestered him. “Yes, doctor, you have asked the most important question. Awareness has more to do with self than to do with others because everything starts from self. 

Until and unless, we take responsibility of self actions, we cannot change anything. When we are unaware, we live through our altered self, our ego because we don’t have any knowledge of the being, the soul. Awareness is actually our being, our true self...our soul. Once we become aware of our awareness, ego simply vanishes. And once ego dies, all ego based diseases are cured. And that’s why I told you that diseases may be many but the treatment is one.” He replied with calmness unknown to any other child of his age. “What exactly happens when we become aware?” I asked again, trying to reach to the bottom of the truth. “Awareness makes you realize that our formless being is surrounded by the world of forms arising from ego based existence. And as ego is an illusionary entity, the forms which are derivative of ego are also illusionary. This realization is enough to treat the world of forms with detachment. .As we watch movie on a screen; we watch the things we are doing or happening to us from distance. A sense of separation enters where earlier, there was none.

Once we become aware, then success and failure, happiness and misery, victory and defeat, pain and pleasure ...all the polarities of ego based existence vanishes. A space arises between our real self and ego projected forms, a space which was there all along but because of our identification with our mind, we were unable to appreciate. Once we become aware, mind disappears and with that all the illusion based on mind projected forms goes and then ‘let-go’ happens. “What is ‘let-go’?” I interrupted him again “ Let-go is when you drop what all you were hanging on to after the realization that they were all illusions. In fact you don’t need to drop anything once you become aware, it drops by itself. It’s realization that there is nothing to hang on because it was all illusion, mind made false entity. 

You can’t cling to illusion even if you want to, once you become aware. And once ‘Let go ‘happens, you drop all your negativities, all the things which weighed down upon you, all the ego related illnesses which we were discussing. When you watch, everything is dissolved by itself, you don’t need to do anything, you don’t need to fight with it, and you don’t need to struggle with them. When we try to fight with all those negative states, like anger, fear, jealousy and all other things, we strengthen them further. Ironically by fighting them, we make them all the more powerful. They persist and we suffer in the process. The mastery is to simply watch...observe them with indifference but not with contempt because the moment we oppose them, they become stronger. However if we simply watch them with detachment, they simply disappear after a while. They cannot stand in the light of your awareness, they can only survive in the darkness of your ignorance. It will remain important as long as you give them importance, the moment you decide that they are not worth it, their grip over you falls. All these negativities can only survive and grow if we are absent; they cannot if we are present. Though it’s a slow process, they won’t disappear instantly, because they have been there for very long time, since several life times but as our awareness deepens, they start drifting away. They are like clouds which cover the sky on a gloomy day but cannot ever obliterate the sky. 

Sky, our awareness is always there behind the clouds of ego based forms. And the knowledge that bright sky is always there, even when it’s all dark with clouds hovering around is wisdom in itself. This knowledge, this truth that our awareness is always there behind the veil of our ego based illusion will set you free. It’s like, you are lost in jungle but you know that no matter how dark it is, how many dangerous animals are lurking around you but nothing can penetrate a thick wall of safety around you as you are insulated from everything by an electric fence. Our awareness is like a protective coat ....insulation from all the negativities of ego based existence. 

You become immune to all sorts of invading disease causing agents. And your immunity is so high that even the most virulent organism cannot invade your system. Rarely, it might infect you but can’t produce disease. I know that as a doctor, you understand the difference between infection and disease. It might just invade you, causing transient illness but it can’t establish itself in your body in form of disease because your immunity would be strong and infection will b e cleared. Its same for ego based illnesses, rarely some negative states may surround you but they can’t home in your consciousness if you are aware. They will simply come and go like clouds. You can watch them coming and going with detachment without getting sucked by them.” He replied.

~To be continued