My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 33

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‘AWARENESS’ is the user ID and ‘WITNESS’ is the password of this eternal journey. When you witness, when you observe anything or any situation, you not only become aware of what’s happening in the external world but you also become aware of yourself. And external world is not only the things and events which are outside you but also your thoughts, emotions and feelings. As your witnessing becomes stronger, deeper, you become aware of an immovable entity present inside you which is eternally present there, which doesn’t get affected by any external change, which is beyond any cause and effect, which simply exist. It’s a space which remains same, in childhood, adolescent, young and old. 

Your body passes through all these stages of life as well as its related events but your inner space simply remains separate, at a distance. Our body changes, our mind, our thinking, our feelings and emotions keep changing throughout our life time; in fact across several life times but our inner space, our centre, our being remains same. The mastery of life is to be at the centre, to be in touch with our soul. And the witnessing is the key, the password to find that centre. Once we become expert in witnessing, we gain awareness of our being. And no gain in life is bigger than this. Once you have known your centre, there is nothing more left to know, that is our sole purpose in life, the reason for our birth as a human being.” “How that inner space has got anything to do with what happens in our life?” I interrupted. 

“Once you are in touch with the inner space, the eternal soul, you are in touch with an inner stillness. A stillness which doesn’t get wavered by any change in external circumstances. It’s like in touch with the bottom of the ocean which remains still even when the surface of the ocean is disturbed by the wind which is cause of formation of big waves. Once you are in sync with that stillness, then the outer changes, the outer world, the outer commotion may be able to cause some ripple on surface but you will remain unaffected by it. It’s like you are anchored at one end, you are securely tied at one end and the other end is simply participating in the play called life. The secured end is the watcher and free end is the enjoyer and the sufferer.” “I understand Arvind but how I stay at anchored end and not at the free end? And when we are living in this world, we are bound to participate in its happenings. 

We are bound to be the doer. How can we remain in the world without performing any work? ” I asked again after unable to dissociate myself from the world. “You are right doctor, we can’t remain without action but we can always be aware of our actions. And that awareness can free us from our action. The mere recognition of the inner space, our centre is liberation, a healing. However the choice to stay at secured end or at the free end is always with us if we become aware. And when we are aware, we cease to be the doer even when we are doing anything. The anchored end stays as watcher....the non-doer and the free end is involved with the doing. When you are aware, it’s like writing on water, nothing is written. 

As soon as you write something, it is wiped out from the surface of water and no karma is created. It’s like, you have chosen “Don’t save’ option in history when you are browsing the internet. Nothing will be saved in the mind and no karma will be created. When you witness, there is no doer left. Doer is one who enjoys and suffers but as a witness, you only observe. As witnessing becomes strong, sense of doer ship weakens, you are no more a doer, you are simply a witness. No balance is forwarded as credit or debt in account of your life, the net balance remains zero and you cease to create any further karma.” He was trying to explain me in best possible way but I still had to go long way in understanding the truth.

~To be continued