My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 32

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Chapter IV: Treatment Awareness 

Arvind came again for his blood examination and monitoring of immune status. I was hopeful that his results would turn out to be good. I was surprised to see Arvind. He had lost lot of weight and was coughing. However I could see that his face is still having a unique glow and eyes were still twinkling. I talked to him and felt a strange sense of peace. I was surprised because lately I was constantly in mental turmoil and my problems never ceased to end. Arvind smiled as I asked him about his health. His infectious smile instantly removed dark clouds of sadness surrounding me. “How are you feeling Arvind?” “Although I would have liked to say that everything is fine but I can’t say that because now I feel very weak and my cough is not leaving me.” He replied. “It’s not good Arvind. I would be worried about you.” I told him. “No reason to worry doctor. My innermost being still unaffected and untouched by my bodily afflictions.” He said with a smile. “I hope your reports will turn out good.” I said with a faint smile. “As long as I am feeling alright from inside, everything will be okay. There is nothing to worry.” He was relaxed and serene. 

I asked him hesitatingly if I could see him again at the orphanage in coming days. I knew I was too demanding but I was helpless. He replied in affirmative and I instantly felt relieved. Unfortunately Arvind’s reports were not very encouraging. His virus level in blood was increasing and immune cells were progressively decreasing. However discordance between his clinical condition and laboratory report couldn’t be more obvious. I thought of postponing my appointment with Arvind for the time being but he was relaxed about it and asked me not to worry about it so much. Now when I look back, I feel that Arvind knew that he was not going to survive for long and he wanted to impart the knowledge of soul to me. We had some connection from past lives, he had a job to accomplish and as if, he knew it. I visited the orphanage at NGO after couple of days. Arvind looked much better and I was relieved. However I didn’t want to stress him by discussing what all I wanted to know about the secrets of life. After a brief pause, as if sensing my hesitation, he started the conversation himself. Rather than him, it was me who looked ill. 

He was still glowing, serene and calm even with his illness in advanced stage now. And it suddenly made me realize that how we can go beyond the illnesses of body and mind by knowing our real self, the centre of our being. It again registered to me that no amount of worldly pleasure could be compared with everlasting peace and contentment which we can get by finding and syncing ourselves with our true self, our soul. I knew that this could be a possibility and it could happen NOW but my question was HOW. I knew the goal but I didn’t know the path, the method. I was relieved to know that I can continue my discussion with Arvind and try to seek answers to my unanswered puzzles. “Thank you Arvind for making me understand the cause of our restlessness, anxiety, unknown fear and miseries. Now I can diagnose the illness but I don’t know how to treat them.” Arvind smiled. I have never seen such glorious smile, a smile which conveyed billion words without even uttering a single one. 

He was utterly calm and composed, He replied, “There are many ailments but the remedy is one.” “This is not possible Arvind; we have to treat different disease with different treatment modality. Every patient has to be managed differently.” I spoke as I tried to show my superiority of understanding the medical profession. “Doctor, you are right as far as physical illnesses are concerned. However all the illnesses resulting from ego based illusionary self need only one treatment, one prescription treats all the negative states of mind.” He replied. Suddenly a glimmer of hope descended on me, to know that there is a way out of my misery was a big relief in itself. I kept listening to him with rapt attention.