My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 31

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“I am sorry for bothering you Arvind. It’s perfectly alright for me if you cannot talk to me right now. I can come to see you sometime if you wish.” I say. “ It’s alright doctor, I am feeling better and anyway you are my doctor and patient can only improve after talking to his doctor.” I could feel that he is smiling. I was stunned. Even when he had so much of difficulties and nothing more to look forward to, he was so happy and peaceful and I ,with all the thing in the world at my disposal, so miserable. 

“May I ask you one question, the last one before we meet again?” “Yes doctor, go ahead.” He replies. “I want to renunciate, I want to leave everything and go to some remote place so as to free of all my problems. I am miserable; I don’t feel I can handle anymore. I have lost it Arvind, I am tired, and I can’t fight anymore.” I say almost crying, tears filling my eyes. “So you feel that by running away, all your problems will be solved?” Arvind asked “At least I will not have to face them. I simply want to be free of them.” Arvind said, “You can’t run anywhere doctor, wherever you will go, world will be with you as long as you are the mind. You world is creation of your mind. You can run anywhere but how you can run away from your own mind? It will follow you everywhere and you will be carrying your world with you. Renunciation is detachment from mind and world of thoughts. You can call it anything, meditation, renunciation, liberation, Moksha...all means one thing, resting in your consciousness 

Its simply stopping and relaxing after understanding that we are not the mind. It’s simply de-identifying ourselves from mind and resting in our consciousness. And you don’t need to run away anywhere, renunciation is possible here and now. Even in crowd, you can be free of your mind and even in complete isolation; you can be engaged to your mind. The mastery of life is freedom from the mind, to be able to create space between your being and the world of forms. 

Renunciation happens when you know that there is nothing in this world which is worth holding on. It is simply the realization that world is nothing but play of forms, a dream, an illusion. With this realization, let go happens because how can you drop which is simply not there. Renunciation is our state of consciousness; not a achievement. You can be in state of renunciation even amidst plenty and in state of attachment, even amidst scarcity.” I simply nodded my head in agreement but I had yet to know, how to be free of mind and how to create space between my being and my thoughts. I was thinking of seeing Arvind again.

~ To be continued