My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 27

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1. Compulsive shopping or buying: “ Do you think Arvind, even the compulsive shopping which I indulge is a manifestation of negative state?” “Though I never had privilege to experience it myself as I came from poor background and never had enough to indulge in shopping or buying but the reason for this compulsion remains the same, our ego.” 

He replied. “How can you say that Arvind? I feel good when I indulge in the Retail therapy.” I was defensive as shopping was one of the ways for me to make me feel better. “You can afford Doctor and you can shop as much as you like but did you ever felt happiness forever after your one shopping spree or it was followed by many more?” He asked “Of course not. I feel good for a while but again new wave of unhappiness engulfs me for some or other reason and I again go on shopping spree to feel good.” I admitted honestly. 

Doctor, if we live through our ego, we are forced to feel inadequate again and again. The sense of lack which we feel continuously when we are not in touch with our real self can be temporarily fulfilled but until and unless we understand our ego for what it is, we can never be forever feel contended. We have to seek redemption from the original sin, the sin of identifying ourselves with our thoughts. Desires are the other name of mind and if we live through our mind, our desire cannot be fulfilled. You feel that by shopping, you can fulfill yourself, cover your feeling of lack or heal the wound caused by bruising of your ego but how can you fulfill something whose basic nature is deficiency.” 

2. Drinking :“Drinking is actually our desire to be in state of thoughtlessness. We want to silence our mind by drinking; we think its way to achieve a state of freedom from continuous bombardment of thoughts. We assume that we would be free of our worries, anxieties and pains with alcohol. We drink thinking that it will give us pleasure because we would be not be burdened by incessant thought process. The same is true when sedatives or any other drug is taken to induce calmness or sleep. However either there effect are not absolute, mind still tend to enter into thinking or if doesn’t last forever. 

And once their effect starts waning, rebound agitation or depression sets in, sometimes more than the state from which one is trying to get freedom from. “ Isn’t meditation is supposed to serve the same purpose, I mean make a person, free from thoughts without the side effects of drinking? “Yes doctor, however you are partially right. Alcohol and other drugs take one below the level of human, to the level of animals who also don’t think. But meditation takes us above the level of though; a state of no thought... a state of divinity. A state where thoughts simply cease to exist because we don't identify with them and they can’t derive any energy from us. Alcohol destroys, meditation heals.

~To be continued