My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 26

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“The very basic nature of the soul is non-doing. Doing is the nature of the mind, our ego. Soul is always free and is never attached to any doing. Even if we have done any mistake, it must have been done by our ego and not our being. And this knowing can set us free and we would cease to feel guilty. It’s our ego which was responsible for committing the mistake and it’s our ego only, which makes us feel guilty.” “How, not to let the feeling of guilt overpower us?” I asked again “When we live totally in the present moment and not busy with the past, we can be guilt free. We always have option to choose, to de-condition ourselves from past conditioning.” He answered. “But I still feel that feeling of guilt is worthwhile emotion as it prompts us to take any remedial or corrective measures.” 

I had to seek answers to the questions which were existential in nature and I didn’t want to be confused and be in dilemma. “It’s actually reverse. If we keep feeling guilty, we won’t be able to take remedial or corrective measure as it would prevent us from doing our job. We need to be in the present moment to take corrective step rather than in the past. 

1. Brooding “If something unpleasant has happened with us and we keep thinking about it, reflecting about it, it creates further unhappiness. As we have already discussed, we have to learn let go and accept and that can only happen if we stay in the present. Continuously thinking or talking about it only makes deeper impression in our mind and creates deep conditioning. Have you ever noticed? It’s like a self perpetuating cycle, the more we think about a negative person or situation, and the more we are forced to think more about it. And it’s like a downward slope, once mind is set to negative thinking mode, it keeps going down, recollecting or imagining all the negativity of life. 

It never happens that we are thoroughly over with the thinking; it’s a self sustaining process and it powers itself. We feel angry and frustrated and we think more which leads to more anger and frustration...unending cycle. It’s like a circuit without a circuit breaker where electrical pulses are continuously being fired and an overload or short circuit can occur. Witness, our soul is like a circuit breaker which doesn’t let thinking to go unchecked. The deep engraving caused by the incessant thinking only adds to our karmas. To be free of the brooding, we need to present. In light of presence, negative thoughts or brooding doesn’t survive and we can be free of them.” “But I feel that if I can’t take any action against the person who has hurt me, at least I can think about it, reflect about the situation and contemplate.” I said. 

 “Indeed, that freedom is always there. However, by doing that, we are not getting freed of it. In fact we get bound more by thinking about it then by taking action against it. When we act with totality, no further karma is created. We are done with it and we don’t keep thinking about it and hence attached to it...I mean negatively. But if we don’t do anything and yet keep thinking about it, we are bound by it and create further karma.” “But we can’t take always take any action or do anything about it.” I said “If we can’t do anything about it, it’s best to accept it and let it go. When we are totally present, let go happens spontaneously. “How about discussing about the unpleasant situation or about the person with someone else? Wouldn’t that be like releasing toxin out of the system and feeling better afterwards?” 

 “Freedom to think or discuss with anyone is always ours. And to an extent it might be a cleansing act if we vent out our feeling once in a while but if we keep discussing and repeating about it, it won’t serve any purpose. Egos with same negative attitudes resonate and you will realize that person who is interested in discussing is also with huge ego. The feel good factor doesn’t long after one venting out, it creates further ripples and self perpetuating cycle. And by continuously repeating the same thing, we create deep engravings in our mind and hence accumulate more karma. Only our total presence can give us long lasting joy and nothing else.” 

 2. Over-eating “Have you noticed how we start eating more than necessary, when we are stressed?” “Yes, I was doing exactly this during last couple of months since my daughter’s accident. And I have experienced this earlier also, whenever I am work or home, I eat more.” I replied. “You know what happens during those moments? We are not in touch with our real self but are living through our ego...our mind made illusive identity which always feels less in some way. Eating food is one of the ways of ego to feel more. Have you noticed how satisfied we feel for short time after eating before the next wave of want overpowers us? And we mistake the short lived satisfaction for the happiness and we tend to repeat it to feel fulfilled. It’s an illusion but mind thinks it to real and unending cycle continues until we are present.”

~ To be continued