My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 24

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“You are right doctor and to the some extent, these psychological problems can be treated but it’s like, I am being treated for fever or cough and not for AIDS. It’s like treating the symptom and not the disease. If I am not given antiviral drugs and only treated for my symptoms, it will be just a superficial and temporary amelioration of problem but the disease what is causing it will still be there. And symptoms can reappear anytime if the disease is not treated. You need to treat the disease to get rid of the symptoms. Similarly you have to treat the ego to cure the various negative states.” 

 1. Fear “Fear is again the by product of our ego based existence. Our illusive self is so fragile that it is constantly in fear. When we are not totally available to the present moment, fear is our constant companion ranging from trivial to enormous. Ego is strengthened with money, power or position. The fear of losing power and position is actually the fear of ego.A person who has power of money or position is more fearful than a poor person. The poor person has nothing to lose so there is no insecurity, no fear of loss. The maximum fear that ego suffers is of death. When we don’t know our being and our existence is entirely based on ego, fear will be the logical consequence. We make so many plans for future and play it so times in our mind that we almost live in future and not in the present.” “Do you want to say that it’s not correct to make plans for future?” 

I asked “It’s right to make plan but to continuously live in the future by replaying it in our head only make us insecure and fearful. The pathological fear of losing our near and dear ones, our power, position and money only arises because of our ego . Ego itself is a false entity and anything based on falsehood is bound to evoke fear.” He replied. “Don’t you feel fear of losing your life?” I knew it was a sensitive question but in my quest to understand the mysteries of life, I had to reach to deep crevices of knowledge. “I don’t have fear because I know death will be of my ego and not of my being. And I stay in the present, present which doesn’t know the death. It only knows life.” Arvind replied with extraordinary calmness. His succinct response left me searching for my real self which is beyond fear. 

 2. Anger: “Anger is actually a form of pain. Any person who is angry is actually harbouring some kind of deep pain. Anger is the expression of the subconscious pain, a pain that has been kept hidden from the consciousness. I used to be treated very badly at the previous orphanage. I was demeaned and ridiculed there. I was not given enough food and was asked to do the cleaning work even when I was very sick. I used to cry all night in pain and felt a deep sense of anger against them. However by getting angry, I was definitely harming myself. Anger doesn’t serve any purpose except causing self inflicted wound.” “Do you feel that we shouldn’t be angry if situation or person demands so?”I asked. “Do what you need to do the correct or improve the situation. Deal with the person or situation calmly. When you are calm, you have power to watch the situation or the person unbiased, without any pre-conceived notion and then you are the master. You would not be the one who would be reacting but the one who would be acting from the center of your being. There is a difference between action and reaction. When you react, you are under other person’s control but when you act, you are self controlled.”

~To be continued