My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 22

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It was already six month after my daughter's accident and I had started attending my duties at hospital regularly. I called Miss Ira and asked her for an appointment to see Arvind. I knew that only he was responsible for such drastic change in my attitude towards life and I didn’t want to miss any opportunity to learn from him. His health was stable and I felt encouraged to meet him for my spiritual lessons. Ms Ira was generous as ever, she gave me appointment to see Arvind for the next day. I was happy to get the appointment. I really wanted to meet Arvind after all I was through. I wanted to imbibe from him, ‘the secret of joy’ in midst of all the difficulties. He had also promised me to discuss the illnesses that results from our ego...our unobserved mind and I was looking forward to it. I reached the NGO at appointed time. Arvind looked as radiant as ever. He asked me about my daughter and again tried to reassure me. I felt better by simply talking to him. “Everything will be alright. 

Just practice to stay in the present moment. Mind is deleted in the present moment and once there is no mind, there are no thoughts about past and future, all suffering goes by default.” He tried to again impress upon me the importance of being in the present moment. “Yes Arvind, I had been trying to stay in the present though not very successfully but at least now I can detect when I start drifting in past and future. Earlier I didn’t even know that I am not in the present moment. It was more of a continuous activity where mind used to jump between past and future and present was hardly ever noticed.” I replied earnestly. My progress was limited to this knowing only. I still couldn’t stop my thoughts from going into past or future. “You should know doctor, to treat any illness, first we need to diagnose it. It’s the first step towards correction. Its good news that you know the problem, you know your mistake. If we don’t realize our mistake, if we believe that there is nothing wrong, how can we do anything to rectify it? And don’t worry, conditioning of staying in past and future is very long and deep seated and de-conditioning can’t happen instantly. However the knowing that ‘ I am not present’ is the beginning of end of the conditioning. You can only treat what you know, you can’t treat, what you don’t know.” He said smilingly. 

It was a big relief to listen those words, a big consolation for me that at least I was on right track and would be able to reach my goal sooner or later. “Thank you Arvind, I am fortunate to have you as my spiritual guide.” I said with tears flowing down my eyes. “I am your patient, doctor.” He said humbly “It’s role reversal actually. You are the healer who has changed my life.” I reminded him and continued, “You were supposed to tell me about the illnesses caused by the unobserved mind...our ego.” “Yes, doctor! Actually most of the psychological illnesses and sufferings are caused by our ego. There are also other illnesses like lifestyle and autoimmune diseases which are either caused by or precipitated by the stress when we live through our ego.” He said. “I know as medical doctors that lot of medical problems are related to the stress but how they are correlated with ego?” I asked incredulously “

Let us enumerate some of the negative states of our mind. Some of them are: 

• Anxiety 
• Depression 
• Jealousy 
• Guilt 

If you observe carefully, all the illnesses stem from the fact that we have forgotten our centre, our real self, our soul...whatever we call it and identified ourselves with mind. When we live vicariously through our ego and lose touch with our soul, we are out of alignment with the forces of the universe and we are not integrated any more. It’s something like vehicle, if all the parts of the vehicle are not aligned, it will split.....different parts of the vehicle will be pulled in different direction and integration will be lost. And eventually there will be accident. When we identify ourselves with our thoughts and assume it to be our identity, we are bound to feel the negativity.” “I can understand what you are saying but how these negative states can arise from our ego?” I interrupted.

~To be continued


  1. A compelling narration on the state of awareness and engrossing tale:)

    1. Thanks Vishal! Hope my effort pays off ... :)


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