My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 17

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Arvind, do you mean, don’t you feel the pain, the fever, and the afflictions which your body goes through? Don’t you get identified with your thoughts? Don’t they cloud your consciousness?” I asked incredulously. 

I do feel the pain, I do get distressed by my bodily afflictions but I try to watch them and not get identified by them. And I just treat them objectively without letting my mind make stories about it. Our thoughts have power to make even most trivial thing, enormous. I don’t get identified with the mind which doesn’t allow us to see situation as it is but rather make a cobweb around it by associating all negative thoughts with it. Situation is what ‘it is’, it’s our reaction to the situation which makes all the difference. We need to be aware to be able to discriminate between the real situation and mind made screen around the situation.

Is it necessary to have some major incident to happen to shake us up from our sleep or we can choose to get out of our conditioned pattern of life, choose to become aware, choose to observe our ego and let go of it?” I asked purposefully “It can be just be de no-vo when suddenly one fine day, you realize that you cannot live anymore with continuous onslaught of your mind anymore, you cannot go through mind inflicted misery anymore and you start looking for ways to get out of the prison created by the mind. And rarely, just by God’s grace, the realization happens spontaneously to some great people. Actually everyone has to reach the destination; realization of their soul, sooner or later. Either this is achieved in one life time or it can take several life times. The destination is same for everyone; the difference is of time and path one takes.” 

He tried to clear my doubts. “Thank you Arvind for helping me understand the mysteries of life.” I said, knowing well that it must have been hard for Arvind to talk for so long. My thirst for the knowledge of soul was making me selfish and I was forgetting my role of a doctor. “Doctor, our discussions are not enough. It’s like studying the theory without doing the practical for exam preparation. And we have opportunity to do the practical everyday in class room of our life.” He said looking smilingly at me. I understood instantly. Arvind was asking me to understand the meaning of soul by real time experiences; I had to go through the fire to find my own witnessing consciousness.

~ To be continued