My Patient ~ My Healer: Part 3

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You mean that you don’t feel the fever, the pain, the trauma...what all you are going through in your illness?” 

I feel, I feel everything what my body has to go through, in fact more acutely than some others because I try to watch all what my body goes through. But I don’t identify with my body. I know that I am not the body and it’s my body which is going through all these torments and not me. I am always separate from the body. I belong to it but I am not that.” He replied eloquently. 

“But how can you do that.... I mean, how can you create that separation? As for me, I and my body are the one and same thing. I am my body and my mind.” I was quiet perplexed by all of his explanations and tried to put my point across in best of my capabilities. What I didn’t tell him that I was very bad patient myself. I would not be able to tolerate even mild pain and rush for pain killer. I would not able to endure even moderate fever and would ask for anti-pyre-tic. 

That I was an asthmatic myself and would be paranoid about my inhaler and couldn’t let go of my sight. I continued, “When I treat a patient, I treat his body only. Once his body gets healed, he recovers...his health is restored.” 

 “Doctor, you are right that once our body is healed, we feel good, we feel rejuvenated because our place of residence, our temple is restored. However we need to be aware that body is not all what we are. We are more than our body and more than our mind. My body can be destroyed but the essence of my existence, my awareness... my soul is eternal and it cannot be destroyed. And once we are able to connect to this invisible life force within us, our whole perspective towards life changes. It simply becomes a journey where we travel to seek union of our soul with the soul of the universe. 

The world becomes one big stage where we play our designated roles and leave when time is up. And once we realize that we are just playing the role, we don’t identify with the role; we don’t get attached to it. My role in this lifetime is of orphan and an AIDS patient and I have to play these roles to fulfill my destiny. And if I play my role to best of my capacity and with full acceptance, I would not be creating further Karma and purpose of my birth in this universe would be fulfilled. But if I don’t accept, I don’t perform my role with complete dedication, commitment ; I would be creating further Karma as anything which is not done with totality. The space which is left when we don’t accept anything is filled with mind. And the resistance is another name of the mind. Resistance takes us away from our being while total acceptance connects us with the being because there is no space left for the mind. "

What is the relationship between mind and the being?” I asked. 

“Yes, I was about to mention about it...the Mind. The brain, great thinking organ! The mind is most beautiful gift to us, if we used it properly. The ability to think is unique to humans and that’s why we are superior to all other species on this earth. Animals can’t think and people who have attained enlightenment/Nirvana have gone beyond thinking. Only human beings are entrapped in thinking, a process which is good if used with discrimination but bad if we get identified with it. And we should understand the brain for what it is. It is simply an organ like any other organ.”You are a doctor and you know better. Brain is just a conglomeration of nerves which shoot impulses. It receives and sends message to various organs of the body. 

Actually it’s a master which controls all systems of the body. It’s an organ which is responsible for thinking... a process which is required for our everyday existence on this earth. And it should be treated like that, just as an organ. Use it when it’s necessary and then simply drop it. But because we think that we are the mind, we tend to live through it. Have you noticed doctor, how our mind is busy creating stories around simplest of things. And mind will interpret the way it has been conditioned through its journey of so many life times. That’s why different people have different reaction to same situation; it’s the way their mind interprets. And most of the time we believe it until and unless we use our intelligence and discriminate.

~ To be continued