You are our heroes and shall remain so, no matter what!

Dear Team India!

We love you and will love you till our last breath. No matter what! Not only you have given us immense joy but you have also taught us to be a fighter, to be courageous and more importantly, you have united our nation like no one ever has. Nothing in this world can dwarf your accomplishments and contributions. 

Yes, we felt little disappointed by the loss in Semi-finals. Anyone would have in the same situation. We were swept by the collective mania, of emotions, of hopes, of nationalist fervour, of patriotism that incidentally it’s you, who have managed to instill in us over the years and that we are indeed proud of. We were hoping against hope that we would be able to retain the World Cup that we would be able to defeat one of the strongest team in the world at their home grounds, that in spite of some of our limitations, we would pull through. On our part, we are little emotional, sometimes we don’t have any other hopes and happiness in life, sometimes only you provide us a reason to be patriotic, sometimes we don’t realize how much you have given to the nation, for us to be happy. Hope, you understand us and our temperamental nature.

But this cannot take away the fact that YOU are our Heroes. You have not only achieved tremendous feat by qualifying in Semis but also progressed enormously from dismissal  days  of 2014 Australian summer tour and Tri-series. I remember watching Boxing Day Test match and Tri series match at MCG stands and leaving the grounds with sadness and disillusionment. Yes, most of us never hoped that you would even qualify even Group stages, leave aside reaching to Semis. Notwithstanding your poor streak at the beginning of your tour, you turned around the whole scenario. Against our wildest imagination, you went on to reach Semis by destroying every team that came your way, including arch rivals Pakistan and much dreaded South Africa. The way some of the team members, Yadav and Shami improved in this race can only be awed.

No you didn't let us down. Instead, you have earned our respect for fighting like a real Indian tigers and achieving glory at foreign shores. And, I am not writing just as a fan or as a spectator, I am writing as a person who has lived in both countries, in India and Australia. I have come to the conclusion what our players do and achieve can’t just be compared with any other players from developed world. The way players from these countries get facilities, support, overall growth opportunities from early childhood is unimaginable in India. In contrast, our team is full of players who come from such humble backgrounds, from low middle class to middle class at times, who don’t have anything except their strong determination, hard work and faith. Yet they succeed, yet they achieve unachievable, yet they shine, yet they bring laurels, yet they make us proud. If at all, besides making us proud, you have given us the reason to be happy when at times other things in nation are not so bright, you have taught us to be humble, to be a fighter, to rise against all odds, to don’t give up and accepting victory with humility and defeat with grace. We salute your spirit!

From a proud Indian Fan......