Why I don't support Deepika this time? #MyChoice

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Dear Deepika

I wonder why you chose to appear in #MyChoice Video! If it was sending any message for women empowerment, you seemed to have failed miserably and if it’s for promoting your forthcoming movie using controversy as a quotient for gaining popularity, I reckon you don’t need that. You are anyway a successful actress and you might want to avoid these sort of cheap publicity gimmicks.

Well, let’s talk about your CHOICES. Having a Choice also means having a ability to discriminate between Right and Wrong. If you think that having a freedom to have sex with anyone, before marriage or outside marriage makes you powerful, you have got it all wrong. For more important than having choices is having a knowledge as how to exercise those choices. Having a choice and using it indiscriminately won’t make you powerful. If at all it shows your low self-esteem. Freedom comes with lot of responsibility. Instead of giving message of empowering women through this video, you have asked women to recklessly use her body as a means for her happiness. No I am not against using one’s body for seeking pleasure but indiscriminately exercising my choices for that pleasure won’t make me powerful. It’s not My Choice but what we do with that Choice makes us powerful. 

I also wonder if you will extend same sentiments to men also. If it’s question of gender equality, then freedom of ‘My Choice’ should be for everyone. But I am sure, you would not like that. How much we expect our boyfriends, our partners and our spouses to not to stray outside relationship? How much we are hurt when they do so? How much we protest when any man pass any sexist comments on women? How much we cringe when we are stared at? How much we want men to respect our bodies, our feelings.... whatever we want to wear or wherever we want to go at whichever  place and time? How much we outrage when they don’t do what they are supposed to do? But unfortunately it’s their CHOICE!

And lastly, I hope as much as you are free to exercise your Choice, people are free to exercise their own. If a teenage daughter wants to have random premarital sex or wants to be wasted by a bout of heavy drinking, or decides to walk naked on road in spite of being repeatedly advised against all those things, it’s also the Choice of her parents to cut her off from family support system. If a woman wants to cheat her husband by having sex outside her marriage, even husband has Choice to leave her. While exercising choices, we should not outrage when there are reaction to those Choices.

When it’s all about Choices, it should be free for all. It can only be ‘All or None’. It can’t be selective. Being human is to have power of discretion coupled with power of choice and that’s what differentiate us from animals. I wonder if being a celebrity you could have been more responsible and instead of promoting this video, you have given real message of My Choice to all women out there. To be educated, to be financially independent, to be able to proud of one’s existence because of one’s achievements and not in name of freedom of choice to use one’s body indiscriminately.


  1. Wow Mam, its beautifully written n very rightly said, bravo

  2. Thanks Neema! You have always been a great support.... LOVE!!


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