Learning to live: "Choti Choti Khushiyan"

It’s never too late to realize what matters to us most in life. Each one of us has to find their own calling. Perhaps I am also trying to find mine.

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I would prefer to smile for no obvious reason while trying to adjust the mirror and seat belt in my old car than to worry about buying the most stylish new generation car. I would choose to gossip and laugh about nothing in particular with my friends than to agonize over my presentation at a prestigious conference. I would rather watch a year old child smiling innocently or a two year old learning to walk than wait for a distinguished brooding professor to begin the class. I would prefer to spend time with orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS than to win an award at an HIV/AIDS International meeting as I would rather learn from children’s inspiring stories than be a target of jealousy. I wouldn't mind having a student who tells me in a viva that he doesn't know the answer to the question and I get the privilege to tell him that  "It doesn't matter, you don’t need to know all the answers. 

Life is much bigger than these small questions" and watch him smile with relief. I would choose to waste my time aimlessly strolling in a mall than wait in a queue at an airport to catch a flight for meaningless meetings that never produce any concrete results. In a competition, I would rather abridge my achievements than aggrandize myself as I may win the competition but I would lose my soul. I would rather be partial to perfect strangers who I have never met and may never meet in future but who make me happy with their witty exchanges than a so called friend who grudgingly maintains a semblance of being one.  I would rather select to pursue my passion even if I don't get any reward than to do a mundane job for the sake of fame. I would prefer a small house where inhabitants run into each other more often than be lost in their own corners, where the combined sound of their laughter defeats the monotonous and gloomy echoes of a big dwelling.

Yes, I would choose to shamelessly laugh to my heart’s content than kill my soul while maintaining a facade, to dance to the beat of a Indian folk song than to clumsily swing to the tune of an unknown English song, to smile and accept life’s challenges than to question them incessantly, to flow with the current of life than to resist it constantly, to let go than to hold on to something that was never meant to be mine . I would any day prefer to live than to wait for the day to start living.


  1. Awesome......Our day to day life has become so hectic that we actually forget to enjoy our "choti choti khushian" like a beautiful smile of a patient suffering from HIV/AIDS. I think happiness is enjoying your work rather than waiting for the results because this is what makes life beautiful and meaningful. I never imagined that you are such a good writer Mam....keep writing because this is really inspiring. I am desperately waiting for your next blog.

  2. Thank you Neema! My job will be accomplished if it can make difference and inspire even one of my student...and most favorite one at that!

  3. You are beautiful and what you say resonates with me. Thank you.


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