RIP My Unknown Friend


We lost you today. We don’t know you, we don’t know your name but it seems that we have lost someone who was part of us, who belonged to us. It’s strange, for the first time in life, we are not feeling that it has happened with someone else but all along it seems that it’s us who have been violated and left to die. For the first time in our history, this country is crying and grieving for someone who is absolutely unknown and  who is not a leader, not a celebrity nor a star.

Your valiant fight on that fateful night and the fierce battle against all odds for last thirteen days gave us so much hope. You gave us the new meaning of fighting spirit which we never know existed. Even against all odds, we dared to believe that you will survive. You retold us the meaning of Bhagwat Geeta’s verse that even if body is destroyed, soul never dies. The soul which kept fighting for thirteen days and the soul which will live forever in our hearts.

 But you left us so heartbroken, so helpless, and so anguished that nothing seems to justify your absence, a void which has left all of us shell shocked. You died once, but we are dying thousand deaths every moment. It still seems impossible to believe that you had to go through all this in a country which you called your own, where your parents raised you with dreams in their eyes and pride in their strides. We are ashamed that no one could give you a safe world to live; we are ashamed that you had to go through all this pain and misery. We feel helpless in expressing our pain, our anger, our anguish, our helplessness but we reassure you that your sacrifice will not go in vain. Ironically, you have shaken the very foundation of the system by your spirited battle. And dignity, which you couldn't get in life is accorded to you in your death by a united nation which vows to fight for you, seek justice for you.

You have challenged the conscience of the nation of billion people and your indomitable spirit is forever etched in our memory. It’s ironical again, but your sacrifice may indeed change the future of girl child in our country as you have become a rallying point of our collective awakening.

Today, we miss you; we pray for you and wish that your sublime presence can see from sky up there that thousands of candles are lighted up  in your honour. For you, thousand times over.......