Cry India, for your daughter

I am ashamed to call myself citizen of this country where such an outrageous act of brutality has been committed at the very citadel of power. The hapless girl was subjected to the most inhuman behavior  we can think of and our system could do nothing to protect her. Her pain, her trauma, her unimaginable misery and torture during those horrifying hours is beyond any comprehension.
Did she deserve this? Our collective response is a big “NO”. But have anyone ensured that? Aam aadmi in this country can just hope to survive through all these trials and tribulations. Every day is struggle for a common man. The thing  people take for granted in developed countries, in the western world, we can only hope to dream. Every parent has to go through this horror in their mind, every time they encounter these kinds of harrowing stories. Instead of dying once, a common man has to die every moment, fighting for the things which are their fundamental rights. 

Now I understand why the birth of a girl child is not celebrated sometime in our country. Why you will like to raise a beautiful daughter of yours in  a country where there is no guarantee of her safety, no surety that her modesty will not be outraged, and that she will not be humiliated and punished for the crime which she has not committed. It seems a better option  to not to have a daughter than to go through all this agony, humiliation, pain and hurt of losing all what you have nurtured for years.

 Dear daughter of India.... we are crying for you ,we are praying for you,. As a common man, we can only be a mute spectator, a silent witness to your suffering at this moment. Our heart goes out for you and no word seems powerful enough to convey our feelings of solidarity with you. We know that you have to suffer this alone physically but morally, we “the common man” are with you in this hour of your trial and suffering. At least this collective outpouring, this shared grief, this aggregated appeal ,the cumulative anger, this united stand can bring you back from clutches of death and can make some difference to the future of  girl child in this country.We hope that our  leaders and politicians will rise above their petty politics and rhetoric’s and will understand this pain in real sense. It’s not a time of empty words; it’s a time of action now.  Enough is enough.Let everyone be accountable for their action, let these devils understand that no one will be spared. Give India hope; give mothers, daughters, sisters a world where they can walk free with their head held high without any fear. We the people of India, deserve this much. Justice is needed NOW, justice delayed is justice denied.


  1. Very well written, Madhu. Yes, our hearts are crying for this little girl. My prayers are with her and her family.

    1. Thank you Sujata..! Your comment means lot to me, its our support for her cause and our prayer for her life.


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