My Patient ~ My Healer : Part 25

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“ I understand what you are saying but how to remain calm in the situation which evokes anger?” I again interrupted. “We need to understand that the hidden pain is the reason for the anger. And this pain occurs because we are identified with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We become our thoughts and feelings. If we can observe our pain rather than getting identified with it, we can choose not to be angry.” “What I don’t understand, how much I try and promise that I won’t be angry from now on, it never works. I would be over my anger for the time being but the same situation or person can again make me angry. It’s like a never ending cycle.” I honestly tried to tell Arvind about my problem. Lately I did try hard to not to be angry but a small trigger was just needed to make me angry again. It used to be so spontaneous that before I realized, I was a ball of anger and rage. “This is what conditioning is, this is what karma is. We are forced to repeat the same act if we are not conscious. We need to know our being, our real self to be not to be carried away by our false self. And for this to happen, we need to decondition ourselves from repeating the same mistake again by understanding it.” 

 1. Jealousy “Jealousy is again the by product of not knowing our real self, the being. The ego is never satisfied with what we have and keeps comparing with others. And invariably the comparison causes jealousy because you never value what you have. When we live through our ego, we either feel inferior or superior to other person, the inferiority or superiority complexes. If we know the being, we can never feel jealousy because then we know that our source is one, the soul of the universe. We would not feel that we are separated from one another or there is any kind of division between us.” “How that can be possible? We are different individuals, we are borne to different parents, everyone’s journey is different and our destinies are different.” I countered Arvind with full force. “This is exactly how we feel when we live through our thoughts, our feelings and emotions...our egos. But when we live through our being, we know that we are one, our soul is one. And once this realization of self is there, there can’t be any jealousy, there can only be feeling of love. The good news is that all the negative feeling is that of ego and not of soul. And we always have choice to understand and live that reality.” 

 2. Guilt “The basic nature of soul is ‘non-doing’; soul is devoid of any doing. No wrong has been done in the past by our real self that can have any negative shadow on our present.” “But if we have done some mistakes in the past and we are bound to feel guilt. How can we convince ourselves that we haven’t done it?” I inquired as I was not able to understand the difference between anything done by self or ego.

~To be continued