My Patient ~ My Healer ( An introduction - a series)


As a doctor there are many instances in life where we come face to face with death. Having closely observed it, and witnessed it swallowing away some of the most radiant smiles I was motivated to capture them in this series. 

Titled as My Patient- My healer it journals my experiences with various patients while handling the HIV/AIDS section. However respecting their privacy the names have been withheld and a liberal dose of fiction has been added to the reality to make it what you will see now in front of your eyes. 

Starting tomorrow I will be sharing one episode at a time, sharing what I experienced for you to experience some of its magic on your own.

Any resemblance to any living/ dead person is purely co-incidental. Ample steps have been taken to remove any similarity to any place or person in particular. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this series and also, praying that it touches your heart somewhere.