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Life of an author

In the life of an author, there can never be a day much bigger than the day their hardwork of years, sleepless nights and working tirelessly finally takes the form of a book. I am so overwhelmed to share this news with you that my second baby "I Owed You One" was released in World Delhi Book Fair on 9th January. Will share some of the pictures from the launch soon. 
Published by Lifi Publications it is arriving soon at a bookstore near you. I am excited, are you? Sharing some sneak peek into what is this book all about. Looking forward to your love and support, as always.

Poster # 1 ( I Owed You One)


Book Launch: I Owed You One (World Delhi Book Fair)

Sharing with you some glimpses of the book launch at World Delhi Book Fair

“Could fulfillment ever be felt as deeply as loss?”

“Could fulfillment ever be felt as deeply as loss?” Somehow the irony of these written words by Kiran Desai always haunted me. For the longest time, I kept reflecting upon the sublimity of the question, swaying between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. To be honest, my logical mind always believed that fulfillment is felt as deeply as the loss if not more. But my heart somehow always begged to differ.
Every achievement, every success, every bit of fame always left me asking for more. Pushing my desires to almost unattainable limits at times, it was like a bottomless pit no amount of accomplishment could ever fill. I found myself constantly looking for more. And what did I gain in that process? A miserable existence. An existence where I was so superficial, hankering for trivial success, frivolous fame, and irrelevant rewards. It was an unending desire and my soul got bruised again and again.
And what happened when I was faced with failure, loss, or ‘No’s’? No denying the fact that it did hurt, it crushe…

Wednesday Wisdom # 4

Do you love me? I asked. In your hesitation I found my answer.

Wednesday Wisdom # 3

It was never about them. It was always about you. They didn't owe me anything. You did. ~ Madhu

Wednesday Wisdom # 2

We can meet people only to the extent we have met our own selves ~ Madhu